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About wraps AYU
The AYU wraps are made from fabric hand-woven by Columbian single-mothers who sew the wraps and do the finishing job.
AYU has purchased sewing machines for these women and train them. These women are not tailors by profession, and therefore, there may be minor imperfections, for example, curved stitches or slight differences in the width and length of the wraps, etc. This is a handmade product and it is not comparable to machine production standards. Each piece is a unique original.

AYU concept
In its beginnings, AYU focused only on the production of wraps and carriers, which supported the closeness between the parent and child and gave the parents free hands. Over time, the AYU concept has evolved into a complex idea with social, cultural, and ecological aspects.

So what does AYU do?
AYU supports Colombian single mothers. These women weave the fabrics and also sew the wraps.
AYU supports parents who want to be close to their children while they work selling. These parents carry their babies in a wrap, this way they promote AYU and are paid from the wraps they sell them this way. In addition, they are raising awareness about babywearing.
AYU supports children from the disadvantaged background by preparing educational events for them.
AYU has a program to support underage parents. They work with these parents and explain the importance of contact parenting, breastfeeding, and babywearing. AYU donates wraps to parents who cannot afford them.
AYU has also a program to extend awareness of the importance of contact parenting and breastfeeding for children. They start in primary schools, where they do interactive lectures and children can try to wrap a doll.
The women from AYU’s program use the rest of the fabric to create little dolls who are carrying babies in the wraps. From their sales, they finance some of the projects and programs above.
More information on the AYU projects can be found on their blog Nenes de leche.

AYU wraps meet all international standards for wrap production and they are certificated to health-consciousness for children under 3 years of age by an accredited laboratory in the Czech Republic. The test results are available here (Czech language only).
The wraps are also unique in composition and structure. The fabrics from which the wraps are made are 100% ecological and are exclusively woven for AYU from recycled materials - 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled plastic. To produce one wrap they recycle about 25 plastic bottles.
The fabrics are not chemically dyed and are only softened with water, so they are maximally friendly to children and the planet Earth.

The grammage of a wrap is about 210g / m2 to 230g / m2 and may vary slightly depending on the type of recycled plastic that is used.

The wraps are woven in linen weave, which is diagonally flexible and thus provides the necessary elasticity and strength.
The wraps are also unique in their URBAN - RUSTICAL style.

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